Messy monster

Yup, the munchkin managed to get the lid off a tub of sudocrem and smear it all over herself and a bit of the carpet this morning.

We were still dozing in bed after getting her out of her cot this morning (she woke before our alarm but not so early that she went back to bed) when we heard some funny clapping sounds, we looked up and through our doorway (on the left of the picture) we could see the munchkin. Neither of us had our glasses on but we could tell something wasn’t right. I suddenly saw she had white hands, grabbed my glasses and discovered the sudocrem. Hmmmm. We happened to have our little point and shoot camera in the bedroom after Mr H’s trip last week so we grabbed a quick photo (had to be done!) and then set to cleaning her up.

Mr H sorted the carpet while I cleaned the munchkin. I’ve been on the back foot all day since! The sleepsuit is currently soaking in washing up liquid before being thrown into the washing machine (I didn’t think the detergent could do it on it’s own).

At least I have a cake to look forward to, one of my jobs for today was use up some over-ripe bananas so I’ve priorised cake making and it’s baking nicely in the oven – sod the diet! For today at least!