I realised as I was editing categories on some of my old posts that it was my 2 year blogiversary last Wednesday!

I can’t believe in some ways that I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, it seems like ages, but I also find myself almost hooked on blogging as well, both writing my own posts and catching up on those I read. I can’t imagine what I’d be doing in my free moments in the day (what few I can get at the moment!) if I wasn’t blogging.

I began using Blogger as it was the main host that I’d seen on any blogs I read, however I found it wasn’t letting me edit my template and blog as I was wanting at that time so I migrated to WordPress about a year ago. I’m now having similar problems and wondering again whether to go back (I was beginning to learn html and I could teach my self more, where as here I have to pay to change the CSS and have it show on here), though this time it’s also a case of going to the Google empire as well!

I’ve ‘met’ some absolutely lovely people. Some who comment here, and some whose blogs I read, some who inspire me, some who make me laugh, some who make me cry (or nearly), some who give me fabulous advice, some who just give me a virtual hug when I need it. I’m so grateful to all of you, especially those who keep coming with the usually mundane/boring things I write (in my opinion).

I’ve just realised that my very first commenter is still coming here (Suburban Mum – you’re fab!), so I can’t be too boring, unless she’s just humouring me!