I’ve noticed a few people doing this so I thought I’d have a look at what brought people to this blog. Here are just a few of the search terms that have brought people my way:

  • how to make money as a mum with 4 toddlers – someone which 4 toddlers – ouch – one is enough at times!
  • our wedding photos – there are a few on here tucked away in other posts
  • messy eater husband – sometimes, yes, but I didn’t think I’d blogged about that one!
  • diet fun – I’ve definitely mentioned that
  • shine your sink – yup, and I’m trying to do it again
  • christmas ornament exchange – I suspect someone was looking for Julie‘s blog here
  • make up my owe [sic] sims mum and dad and baby – I’ve definitely mentioned the Sims here and I suppose the other words would come up, but I haven’t helped whoever came here with that!
  • motoring accidents in derbyshire in july – I have no idea about this one, we did have an accident in Derbyshire one December so maybe I mentioned that at some point
  • higgledy piggledy house – that would aptly describe the state of my house most of the time, but I suspect there were looking for this CBeebies show, which incidentally the munchkin loves!
  • cycling sleeping trailers – amazingly this blog comes out on the second page of a Google search for this…there’s not a lot of information here though…
  • orange.goo – I guess that would link to early weaning

Nothing rude here, unlike some I’ve seen, I guess I keep my blog a bit too clean!