Ok, so I was wrong about Mr H not missing me as much as I missed him. He spent much of the weekend just wanting to be with me, with his arm around me or holding hands. He just doesn’t show it as much when he’s away. He also came back with a gorgeous Cross pen for me, it writes beautifully. Whenever I’ve had nice pens before I’ve always had Parkers, but my loyalty may shift now!

I had told Mr H that I’d be happy with him just bringing me back an American parenting mag of some sort (just wondering what they’re like compared with ours) but apparently they didn’t have any at the airport (he had absolutely no time to go anywhere else) so he decided to get me something else. He has come back very tired, but he says the time out there was very productive and positive so that has to be a good thing.

It’s now a case of getting ourselves back into our normal routine. I managed to keep myself doing what I was while DH was away (getting washing machine and dishwasher runnign before breakfast) I’ve just got to keep the rets of the day going. The munchkin is happily playing in her bedroom, she doesn’t want to play with me this morning, oh well, that means I can get more jobs done! Talking of which, I need to go and get on with things, hopefully I’ll find a bit of time later to catch up on other blogs. Hope you all have a good day. Bye!

The munchkin definitely missed her daddy, as soon as she saw him she wanted hugs and was very cuddly with him all afternoon on Saturday