I mentioned in a post about a week ago that the risotto would fit in my Slimming World plan, well, in an effort to keep myself on track with the weight loss and give myself a bit of accountability I’ve reinstated my weightloss page (see the tabs at the top). Despite Mr H being away last week I’ve had a good start (it’s always a good week when I start/restart a diet), so I’m hoping to keep that up and post a loss or a stay the same each week. I don’t think I’ll manage to do another 2 1/2 lb loss next week though!

While I’m tweaking my blog I may also have a look for another template again, this one is nice but my wordpress toolbar the the top doesn’t work properly and I’ve noticed that on all blogs I’ve seen with this template. If I get a bit of time later on I’ll sit and have another play with it.