After a couple of doses yesterday where the munchkin held the medicine in her mouth and spat it back at me I had a break through this morning.

Every bottle of Nurofen we buy for her comes with a special dosing syringe. I used one of those and gave her white chocolate buttons (her favourite) before and after. I also cuddled her in my arms (so she wasn’t quite sitting up, but wasn’t lying flat either) while I gave her the medicine.

The munchkin has also noticed this morning that Mr H hasn’t been around. She was asking for him at breakfast time. It’s not completely unusual for him to see her only at bedtime and even not then for the odd day, but it’s over 48 hours now since she saw him and she barely saw him on Tuesday night as he was late home from work so he gave her her bedtime milk and that was it. She seemed fairly happy when I told her she’d see him tomorrow.

I had a (very) brief email from Mr H yesterday (I don’t think he’s missing me as much as I’m missing him!), he thinks the hotel and city they’re in are ok,but thinks that business class on BA is great (it must be fab for him to say that!). I’d hope it is good for the amount those flights have cost. If I was to buy his tickets on BA’s website it would cost £2229 ($4360) each way! I think Mr H’s company uses BA enough to get some discount though.

Mr H should be home at about lunchtime tomorrow so I’ve only got one more night to get through on my own. It was better last night than the night before. There was a lot less wind and, in addition to that, the munchkin slept through rather than waking with a full nappy (she’s been doing that a lot lately). I hope tonight is as good, I didn’t function well yesterday having seen every hour on the clock except 4! Today’s been better and I’ve got loads done, but I’ve got to go now and get our lunches sorted so that the munchkin and I are ready for toddler group. Bye!