And for us, today, it’s antibiotics for the munchkin.

She’s had a funny spot on her finger for a couple of days and this morning it was very red and sore so I popped her down to the doctors. She’s got a septic spot being made worse by the fact she’s teething (still!) and constantly putting her fingers in her mouth. I’ve got to keep washing it with salt water and attempt to get the antibiotics into her 4 times a day.

The latter one of those will definitely be a challenge. As soon as I opened the bottle and smelt it I was taken back to childhood and having to take this stuff and it’s disgusting (with an awful aftertaste)! We’ve had one dose, it took lots of little sips and the promise of some chocolate afterwards to get it into her. I suspect as the week goes on it’ll get harder and harder, either that or I’ll be buying lots of chocolate (for me as well as her!).