I’ve just got back from a morning and lunch out with my friends and the munchkin’s little friends and am absolutely shattered. The soft play centre was heaving with grizzly toddlers (including our four today for some reason) and then we went for a walk and play in the town park afterwards. The munchkin has worn herself out so much she’s fallen straight to sleep in her cot. A little bit of much needed rest for me now.

Mr H is currently half way across the Atlantic on his way to Philadelphia for meetings with his new bosses, for some reason I decided to get up with him at 6 and see him off despite going to bed really late because he was still packing. Not my best plan, but he appreciated it, at least I think he did!

He was good to me last night though, I emailed him a shopping list to pick up on his way home from work and at the end of it I asked him to buy flowers for me to put on the breakfast bar, with ‘I’ll pay for these’ in brackets after (flowers cost too much usually for housekeeping money to pay for them). He came home with a lovely bunch of pink roses and said that he was going to pay for them for me. He very rarely buys me flowers (he thinks it’s a waste of money), so that helps make up for the fact the next couple of evenings could be rather lonely.

I never know what to do with myself on evenings when he’s away. I’m quite an emotional eater and often find myself picking at bits of food when I’m lonely. I really need to try not to do that. I suspect I may end up crashed in front of the TV or sitting here playing The Sims… I still don’t know that many people around here, and no one that would be free to pop over for a drink/dinner in an evening. I think tomorrow will be the hardest. I don’t have any plans for the daytime either and my friends are all working so we can’t pop out for a cuppa in the day, we may just have to go for a long walk…..or go shopping in town…. I’ll have to have a think and see how the munchkin is.

As for now, I’ve had a little sit as I’ve written this. I need to go and do some housework and then hopefully come back and catch up on a few blogs again. Take care everyone.