Firstly…grrr…… internet explorer just crashed as I was finishing writing my post…I hadn’t thought to save a draft either….grrr! Oh and apologies for the lack of imagination in the title of this post…apparently my brain isn’t coming up with anything today!

Right then…where was I…

The munchkin actually slept for 1 1/2 hours yesterday afternoon. I put her back in her cot at 3:30 since she was too tired to do anything other than flop on my shoulder. She went straight to sleep and I had to wake her otherwise she wouldn’t have slept properly last night. She slept until 9:15 (when I woke her) this morning as well. She did wake briefly in the night, but after I changed a very wet nappy she went straight back to sleep. She’s so much happier today fro having got more sleep. She’s been happy to play in her room while I did the housework upstairs and then read/play with stickers/draw the the dining room table while I’ve done the downstairs housework. I’ve almost finished everything today, whereas yesterday I had to abandon a lot as she needed too much TLC.

I had a bit of a breakthrough with Mr H as well yesterday. He’s always told me he doesn’t like risotto (it’s too stodgy, samey and he doesn’t like it when the rice is a bit crunchy). However last night he came home from work very tired and drained so I suggested a risotto as easy to eat comfort food and he agreed to try it. He actually liked it! I made a chicken and mushroom risotto (we had chicken that needed eating and I thought I’d chance the mushrooms – he says he doesn’t like them either!). It suits me that he’ll eat risotto now, I love it and it fits in very nicely with my Slimming World diet. I think I’m going to try a butternut squash risotto next (maybe just for me while he’s away). Does any one know a nice recipe for that?

Right then, I’m off to cook some lunch and then hopefully have time to read a few blogs (and hopefully comment – you never know!) afterwards.