…of no naps and we have one very tired little lady and a mummy who just wants some down time to get stuff done!

The munchkin is currently sitting in her cot chatting to herself and her cuddly giraffes, she’s showing absolutely no sign of being willing to go to sleep. I was really hoping for another 5/6 months of day time sleeps, but now I’m not sure whether that’ll happen. She’s dropped naps for two consecutive days before, but always gone back to her usual 2 or 3 hours afterwards. I just don’t know what to do to help her sleep. She definitely needs it (and so do I), she’s just fighting it all the way. I’ve tried moving her cot so she can no longer empty her drawers (so annoying!), so maybe today she’s just a bit unsettled by the change….I hope that’s it.

Anyway, she’s starting to get grumpy so I’m off to get her, and then attempt to get the rest of the housework done with a tired monkey clinging to me….could be fun!