‘That’ being the sudden motivation yesterday to clean the kitchen.

It’s not been as clean since we moved in. Floor, cupboard fronts, surfaces, hob and sink all got a thorough clean. But why? I have no idea. I even carried on and cleaned the dining room floor too.

I know my New Year’s resolution was to keep the house tidier, but I didn’t have a lot of energy yesterday, Mr H and I had stayed up late talking (well after 1am) and then we were woken by his alarm at 7. Neither of us had much motivation, though he got masses of work done. The atmosphere at work still isn’t great so that combined with the risk of snow (where we live, the whole area grinds to a halt with less than 2cm snow) meant he decided to work from home yesterday. He worked almost solidly from 9-5:30 with just half an hour for lunch and the occasional hug from either me or the munchkin. He felt so much better about it afterwards. His boss was impressed with what he’d sorted out too. He’s back in work today, though he didn’t leave here till 9:10! He had been planning to get in by 8:30 but didn’t get up very promptly at all today, thankfully he has no meetings until this afternoon.

I’ve not had as much motivation this morning, though that may be partly due to the fact that I didn’t get up till 9 and the munchkin didn’t wake until I woke her at 9:15! Not quite sure why that happened with her, but I’m not complaining, I feel better for a long night’s sleep.

I need to get myself going properly again now though, we’re out most of the afternoon at toddler group and then going shopping so I need to get on with moer fo the housework…the washing is calling me! Bye!