What a busy fortnight since I last posted (though that was somewhat predictable).

Firstly thank you for my happy Christmas messages! I hope everyone had a good Christmas (I’ve not managed to even start to catch up on blogs since I got back yet so I’m just hoping at the moment).

Our Christmas was good, though sadly snow free, we didn’t even have any frost up in the north of Scotland last week, the week before we went it was so cold and frostly up there there was sea ice on the beach! It was definitely tiring though, it took a while for the munchkin to settle into a routine and we had a few very restless nights before she slept properly.

Christmas day itself was spent in the morning at church, followed by sherry and mince pies in the bishop’s house (he only became bishop this year, having been the rector of that church so returned for the Christmas services). The munchkin napped while we opened our presents, then when she woke she opened hers and we all went for a walk on the beach while D (Mr H’s sister) finished off cooking lunch. We finally sat down to eat at 4:30! I think Mum (who cooks Christmas dinner on Boxing day) has the right idea, we were all so hungry by that point that I, at least, didn’t enjoy the food as much as I might have done.

The rest of the time up north was good, we managed a couple of short walks. I spent much of the Thursday at home alone with the munchkin so that Mr H could go for a proper mountain walk with the others, something he loves doing and doesn’t get the chance to do much.

The flight back was hard work, it was rather delayed after faults in the plane before it’s flight up, and then we were delayed again once we were on the plane while they checked the engines and got the plane set up for a take off in cross winds. It was a turbulant flight as well which left me with head aches for a couple of days (that often happens when I fly). The munchkin was very good, though got a bit upset when she saw I wasn’t feeling well. She loves all forms of transport so thoroughly enjoyed watching the planes at the airport.

Since we came home we’ve been trying to get back on top of the washing and generally getting the house tidier again. With all the stress of Mr H’s redundancy as well as going away for Christmas it’s all a bit of a tip. Mr H has done a lot to help get it back in order but now he’s back at work it’s all down to me. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to keep the house much tidier and with fewer piles of ‘stuff’ around the place. We’ve made a good start I’ve just got to keep it going and get myself into a proper routine.

Another resolution for me is to get my diet back under control. I’m very much a confort eater and I’ve been eating lots of junk over the past 2 months, I’m going to try and get myself back doing the Slimming World thing and see if I can get my weight (and dress size) lower.

Well, that’s my catch up, I’m going to go and try and catch up on all your news now, according to Bloglines I have 400 unread posts so it may take some time!