January 2008

Hello! We’re finally emerging from the shadow of this virus. I’m going to do a bullet point update while I wait for the washing machine to finish.

  • All three of us have been poorly with this cold/virus
  • The munchkin’s temperature went up to 40.4 (104) on Sunday and wouldn’t come down
  • We ended up at the NHS walk in centre
  • Saw a nurse who couldn’t say anything so we had to wait even longer to see the out of hours GP
  • He just said it was a virus and to keep dosing her up with paracetamol and ibuprofen
  • Come Monday morning the munchkin was feeling a lot better and well on the way to normality
  • However that was my worst day and Mr H had to work from home as I couldn’t look after the munchkin on my own
  • I burst into tears when I couldn’t get a nappy out of the packet easily!
  • I’m still coughing but feeling much more human today
  • Mr H has been fighting to work each day as the new project is quite demanding and he has loads of meetings
  • It does mean he’s tired and a bit grumpy in the evenings when he gets home
  • Roll on the weekend and a chance for him to rest
  • Thanks to me being poorly the house is a tip, I’ve managed to keep on top of the washing and dishwasher but very little else
  • It’s going to take a while to get the house back to how I want it
  • I’d been gradually training myself to keep the house nice and I’ve only just realised how much I’d changed and how I now get annoyed by the mess
  • Having got out of the habit of sticking Cbeebies on the TV for most of the day this past week has blown that out of the window, the munchkin and I hve been too tired to do much more than cuddle up together in front of it
  • I’m not trying to put the radio on instead again
  • One success from the last week is that the munchkin no longer says ‘Da’ for please, but ‘Peas’
  • She’s very good at it now
  • I admit we did bribe her initially
  • She was given chocolate (a big treat) when she said it over the weekend
  • Since then she’s had almost anything she asked for (even a bath) if she says ‘Peas’
  • She’s not taken advantage of that though and only asked for things we’re happy to give her normally
  • The munchkin has even said ‘Peas’ when I asked her if I should change her nappy!
  • I haven’t looked at my bloglines for a week, I’m hoping that there’s not too many posts on there when I look when the munchkin naps
  • I’m hoping I’ll actually stop by and comment at a few
  • I know I’ve been fairly useless at that lately…..sorry
  • Just checked…I’ve got 363 posts to read! Argh!
  • Anyway, the washing’s done so I need to go
  • Happy Thursday everyone!

Just a follow up to this for you all.

I’ve just spoken to my friend, she went to the counselling session on Wednesday and returned home to tell her partner that she wasn’t going through with the termination. He’s said she’s on her own and has started sleeping in a different room. He says he still loves her but that she’s ruined his life! Her parents are coming down for the weekend but he’s said he’ll be out all weekend and won’t even put his side of things across to them (she’s going to have the tell them as they’ll know something’s wrong). My friend has said she’s not going to let him force her out of her home and has pointed out to him that he’ll have to support the baby whatever. He won’t talk to her and is communicating with notes.

She’s being very strong at the moment, but I suspect at some point the barriers she’s putting around herself will have to come down a bit. I hope that when they do she’ll ask for whatever help she needs (she’s quite good at just getting on and ‘coping’).

Well, the darling munchkin has decided to be generous and has shared her cold with her family.

I started with it on Wednesday afternoon and Mr H started to get the sore throat last night. We almost ended up with the munchkin in the doctors this morning when her temperature started to rise last night but it’s come down and she’s a lot perkier today. The headaches and sore throat I’ve had completely explain why she’s been so out of sorts and clingy.

We’ve had to revert to having CBeebies on much of the time as I haven’t got the energy to entertain the munchkin much, thankfully she doesn’t sit goggle-eyed in front of it but will watch a bit and then play or read a book for a while.

Hopefully over the weekend we’ll all get some rest and come to next week feeling more normal.

That’s who lives in this house….

I’m only just writing our Christmas thank you letters! It’s something I feel is really important, but I’ve just been putting it off and off. I won’t be able to do that next year when the munchkin will definitely be able to help write hers.

I’ve said thank you on the phone or in person to most of our relatives, but some of our friends were very generous and really do deserve a proper thank you. I must admit I am cheating a bit (ok, a lot!) by doing them as a card on MS publisher so I only have a small amount of space to write in and I can put a photo on the front (actually the one from this post).

We’re still fighting the cold here, I’ve had to keep the munchkin at home rather than going out and putting her in creche, she’s just too snotty and is also coughing now as well. Oh well, hopefully by being at home today I can catch up on the housework I couldn’t do yesterday….maybe anyway!

Just a quick post from me today. I’m living in the house of snot today, the munchkin is walking around looking like slugs and snails have been crawling over her face (ok, so that’s probably a bit tmi…), and every time she gives me a hug she wipes her nose in my hair….lovely! I’m not managing to get much done housework-wise as she can’t cope with me not being near her. I’m hoping she’s a lot better tomorrow (but I’m not holding my hopes too high) as she’s supposed to be in the creche in the morning and afternoon while I have my fitness and first aid classes, if the munchkin’s this snotty she won’t be allowed to stay.

Since I’ve not got much time here’s a little blogthing for you…

You Passed High School with an B

You have the brains of a high school graduate… at least!

Could You Pass High School?

Not bad given that it’s American and I had to guess at some answers 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the weekend.

I think I may have mentioned before that I’m desperate for a second child but that Mr H doesn’t feel ready to try again. Well, I’m actually glad this month that I’m not pregnant (I never imagined thinking that).

A close friend of mine has discovered she’s pregnant by accident (she was on the pill but had to take antibiotics). Her partner of 8 years wants her to have a termination and won’t consider an alternative. She’s not going to have an termination under any circumstances and is having to face the possibilty that she may have to bring up the baby and their 2 year old daughter as a single mum. Her partner already has two teenage children from a previous marriage and doesn’t want to have to finance four children. He began very angry (blaming her even though it was a complete accident and no one’s fault) and saying that she could leave if she keeps the baby but is now being nice and just trying to point out to her the things they could do if she gets rid of the baby (new kitchen, bathroom, holidays). She can’t get him to consider her keeping the baby. She has an appointment for counselling on Wednesday during which her partner is expecting her to agree to a termination, she doesn’t know how he’ll react to her coming home and confirming that she’s going ahead with the pregnancy.

I’d find it so hard to be a supportive friend if I was pregnant now too, especially when having more children has always been on the cards for us (whereas for my friend it was never really considered). I wouldn’t know what to say without highlighting how different things would be for us both. I’ve been trying to work out over the weekend what I can do to help her, but I think that all I can do is pray for her and her partner, be here for her to talk to, and offer a place for her daughter to come and play if she needs some rest.

That’s what it took for a letter from our family webpage and email host to get to us!

The letter was to tell us that our current debit details were out of date and that they had been unable to take a payment for the next year. Fine, but it also said that the account would be frozen if payment was not made within 8 days of the date of this letter! We updated all the details at about 8pm last night and the account was fine, but when I went to use our email this morning it had all been frozen.

I’ve called them and they’ve rerun the details and everything is uploaded again, but I have lost all emails sent to me after 11pm last night (when they froze it without checking that we’d changed the details). It’s so frustrating. I have no idea what may have been sent in that time. I know of one email from here and one from Facebook that have been lost, but what else? There’s definitely some missing from my yahoo groups, though I suppose I could get them on the web.

It’s just a pain. And then to top it all off this morning Mr H has gone to London for a conference. He called me an hour after he left home to ask whether his bag was sitting by the front door……yup! In his rush to get out and get a taxi to the station he left it behind. I did offer to take it into London for him (I just had enough time before his meeting), but he’s going to come with out it……silly boy!

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