…I will (hopefully) have landed in Scotland ready to start our Christmas holiday!

Which means I have less than 3 days to finsh buying presents (the munchkin’s stocking, last bits for Mr H’s siblings and their other halves, final bits for Mr H), wash (and dry) all clothes we want to take with us, pack, sort the munchkins toys, find the timers so that the Christmas lights will work in the window while we’re away (so as not to make it glaringly obvious to the local grotbags that the house is unoccupied) and tidy the bomb site that has appeared in the kitchen diner.

Ummm….right….so why am I sat here? Because I’m still sneezing something chronic and absolutely shattered doing the slightest little thing. I’m just psyching myself to get up and get going on what I need to do.

Right….Hannah…get yourself in gear….and GO!