For the first time (I think) I’ve been given a bloggy award!

Thank you Chris!

I’m going to pass it on to Suburban Mum for being my first bloggy friend and always making me smile either here, on her blog or on Facebook, and to MissBliss for letting me reminisce about Cambridge through her posts and giving me lots of yummy looking recipe ideas.

I’m also wondering about changing the look of my blog, I think I’ll have to stick with one of the wordpress templates (I’m rather clueless about html etc), but are there any colours that you hate/find it hard to read against? I want to add more colour, I like being able to have my own picture at the top as I have here, but I’m just finding it all a bit boring.

 A quick note to add to yesterday’s post, I won’t light the candle in the tree…’d go up in smoke in an instant! I’ll light it at the table at some point instead.