My ornament swap from Julie’s ornament exchange has arrived!

The post popped through the door, then a little while later the bell rang….the post lady was there with the van for parcels! It took me a while to work out what it could be. I saw the USPS mark and thought it might be from my friend who’s teaching over in the US for the year, but then I saw the customs declaration….and it said ‘Ornament’ and a name that’s not my friend’s!

Cue excitement in the H house (at least from me!)

Surprise box

As I opened it the munchkin took an interest as well (you can see her toes in the next picture as she desperately wanted to unpack it).

Opened box

I unwrapped a beautiful candle holder with a fabulously scented candle.

Beautiful ornament

Here it is in the tree.

 In the tree

And here is the munchkin loving the polystyrene packaging!

The munchkin’s new toy

I absolutely love it! Jessica in North Carolina, thank you so much! I don’t know your blog address so I can’t thank you there, but I hope you see this (if you let me know your blog address I’ll link to you). Thank you also to Julie for organising this.