That’s what I’m trying to bear in mind as we fight off a nasty cold in the H house. I started feeling rough on Friday with the cold hitting with full force on Saturday. The munchkin, while not as bunged up and hoarse as I am, is definitely off colour and waking in the night clearly feeling poorly. Mr H is ok, he’s not feeling 100% but is coping and definitely helping look after us.

It’s much better that we have this cold now than next week when we’re staying with Mr H’s family. We’d only pass it on to everyone and make everyone miserable, not nice for Christmas.

Mr H has decided to work from home today to get away from the negative atmosphere at work, and already (11am, having started work at 9:45) he’s got done more than he’d planned to for a morning of work (I guess that shows how bad things are there as the munchkin is definitely a distraction at times).  It’s nice to have him around when I’m feeling rough, and the munchkin is always happy to have Daddy here.

Well, I’m going to go and curl up with a nice cup of tea but to finish off today’s post a photo we took yesterday for the December picture for the calendar we make each year for my parents and the grandmas. (nb. the presents are not usually at the bottom of the tree…they’d be unwrapped within minutes!)

Helping to decorate the tree