It always amuses me how much enjoyment the munchkin finds from helping me do the chores, especially the things I loath. We’ve just worked together to load the washing machine (the washing is the chore I hate the most), and she took such joy from putting the clothes I gave her into the machine. Given half a chance she’ll help me fill and empty the dishwasher as well, which due to the sharp knifes in there we won’t let her help. She loves watching me clean and particularly loves it when I get the hoover out. I suppose it should encourage me to keep on top of the housework more….but somehow it doesn’t! I do need to do some sorting today if I’m going to get the rest of the decorations up.

I’ve got a fibre optic tree I want to have in the dining room and I’d like to get some lights up at the kitchen window, and we still haven’t finished the main tree as Mr H hasn’t founf any silver tinsel in the shops, they only seem to be selling gold or multi-coloured tinsel this year. I finally got the Christmas letter written yesterday afternoon, I just need to get Mr H to check it through and probably correct my appalling grammar (I have no idea how I managed to pass my literacy test first time before getting my qualified teacher status – I’m sure you’ve noticed on here that my grammar isn’t great). I need to write out a list of who we’re sending Christmas cards to today so that I can work out who’ll get the cards I’ve made and who’ll get shop bought ones. With R staying I didn’t get as many made as I usually do, so I’ll have to be selective.

The munchin and I have already been out for a walk this morning so there’s not much need for us to go out anywhere later on. She insisted I put her shoes on at 9:30 and then stood by the pushchair and shouted until I got our coats out. I did make her walk to the shop though rather than take the pushchair. She managed to walk most of the way there and all the way back for the first time today, though I think the mini milky bar I bought her when I got myself a paper may have helped matters though! It was cold out, I know that the cold here this morning is nothing compared to the ice storms in some of the US and the weather in other parts of the world, but we felt chilly out there, and there was still frost on the ground and some frozen puddles from the night.

I’m going to go and try and get the kitchen clean before cooking some lunch for us, take care everyone!