After the stresses of the last few weeks I’ve definitely been looking forward to the bright spot that is Christmas. And now with the tree up and partially decorated (Mr H wants to buy some silver tinsel to put on it) and my favourite Christmas album playing on the computer as I type I’m definitely starting to feel festive. I’ve still got to buy some presents and send almost all of the cards out (I think I’ve probably missed the last posting date for the US so my best friend’s card will be late….ooppss!). I’m still debating with myself whether to write a Christmas letter this year as well. I love reading them and know that most of my family do too, but this year’s letter will no doubt end up beign rather negative. It may just have to be a short one with lost of photos put in to pad it out!

There’s lots to do, and lots to think about still, but it’s Christmas in a fortnight and I can’t help but feel happy about that.