The weekend at Mum and Dad’s flew by. We had a lovely time though the munchkin didn’t sleep brilliantly (though she did the night we spent at the Christmas party) so we’ve come home quite tired.

I posted my ornament for Julie‘s ornament exchange on Monday while we were there so now I’m going to be keeping a close eye on a certain blog to see when it arrives. Mum (Alison on the list) is also taking part so I’ll post about her swap here when she gets it.

In other news, Mr H has had a job offer. A very good salary for his age and experience in a town that’s just about commutable from here. However if he signs a contract now (before he gets the offical redundancy notice – due in early January) he will lose out on the redundancy payout so we’re hoping they’ll be willing to wait as the payout will make a huge difference to us. There’s still a slim chance he’ll be able to stay on where he is, but I think that’s looking more unlikely.

My gran has also given us a very very nice offer. She’s not happy with Mr H driving all the way up to the north of Scotland for Christmas so has offered to pay for flights for us to put her mind at rest. The cheapest we can find these is £420 (about $850)! It’s very generous of her and we’re very grateful. I wasn’t entirely happy about us driving all the way and Mr H has agreed that flying is more sensible. We’re just hunting out a travel cot and car seat up there to borrow, otherwise we’ll buy a seat and put the travel cot in the hold of the plane.

I’ve just opened up my bloglines and discovered 345 (!) unread posts so I think if/when the munchkin sleeps that will be my afternoon taken up (once I’ve started catching up on the washing after being away). I’m off now to sort our lunches out and then hope she’ll sleep.