Another quick post here today. I’ve mainly spent the morning cuddling a snotty little munchkin (I think she’s just teething – again – or at least I hope so!), this afternoon, while the munchkin naps…., I need to pack our clothes for the weekend and sort out the presents and cards I need to take north.

In response to the commenters yesterday…I am hoping to get some rest while I’m at my parents, but I know that it’s all going to be rather non stop until at least Sunday afternoon. I’m due to arrive with my parents at about 1:30pm tomorrow (depending on the joys of rail travel here!), Mum and I need to do some shopping in the afternoon, then in the evening I need to wrap presents (there’s no point doing it before I travel with everything).

Saturday morning will be taken up with helping Mum at the church Christmas fair (and entertaining the munchkin….or stopping her trashing the other stalls), I’m going out for lunch with some of my old school friends before we have a wander around the old mill which is now an art gallery and restaurant with some (rather expensive) shops as well. In the evening the munchkin and I are going out for a girly sleepover/Christmas party with the school friends (we’re seeing some of the twice as one can’t come in the evening). The munchkin will have the spare room (and hopefully sleep fine) while we girls have the living room floor. Mum was going to baby sit the munchkin but she’s singing in an advent carol service in the morning and it’ll be too early to either pick me up or drop the munchkin off with us without waking everyone/getting lost trying to find my friend’s flat. We’re having the party this early in December because one of the girls is going out to Austrailia for Christmas with her boyfriend (lucky girl!), she’s hoping to meet up with another one of our group who emigrated to Melbourne last month.

On Sundays Mum and Dad always go out for lunch so the munchkin and I will join them for that before hopefully relaxing and not doing much for the rest of the day. The only thing planned on Monday is meeting another ‘old’ friend for coffee in the afternoon. Then on Tuesday morning my sister is going up (with my gorgeous nephew too of course) and we’ll be able to spend a couple of hours with them before our train home in the early afternoon.

It’s never particularly restful at Mum and Dad’s, especially now with Dad’s dementia, but Mum has said she’ll try and give me a lie in (she hears the munchkin from downstairs as soon as she wakes) on Monday and possibly Tuesday which would be bliss! I never sleep brilliantly when apart from Mr H at least for the first couple of nights, it’s so strange (and cold!) being in bed on my own, but maybe since I’m there for 4 nights I’ll be ok by Monday!

Anyway, I’ve got loads to do so I’m going to go. Hope you all have a good weekend.