That’s what the munchkin is giving us lots of at the moment.

Whether it’s her comments or new phrases or or just something she does, she’s been making us smile a lot, and it’s just what we need right now.

She’s saying ‘me too’ and ‘oh no’ a lot (not at times when they’re appropriate, but it’s funny any way). She’s also started recognising some shapes and shouting at us until we confirm what’s she’s trying to say. She’s getting good at shaking her head and saying no when we offer her something she doesn’t want.

We’ve definitely needed these smiles. There’s still no news on Mr H’s job front, one recruitemtn agency seems to be working really hard but we’ve had no feedback from any actual companies yet. R’s still here (which makes it hard at times for me to post much) but she’ll be gone in about 3 weeks. I am looking forward to having my house back in time for Christmas. Speaking if which, I’m already feeling quite Christmassy (and we didn’t even get any snow here last night). I can’t wait for it to be December so I can put the tree and lights up.

Anyway, I’m going to go now, R’s moving around upstairs and will probably be down soon (she hadn’t emerged when the munchkin and I left for toddler group at 10, and was in the bath at 11:45 when we got back, I haven’t actually seen her today, and it’s 12:4o now!). I also need some lunch while the munchkin naps. Take care everyone. Bye!