Actually…make that a lot unfit!

I’ve just got back from the fitness class for parents and toddlers at the local leisure centre and I’m soooo unfit. I went a fortnight ago (though we missed it when the munchkin was off colour last week) and I thought I coped ok, but this week as well as the hula hooping we did last time we were skipping. I’m definitely getting better at hula hooping, and I can skip ok, but I was so tired so quickly. I think I need to get out and do more walking (not much else I can do with the munchkin). I do have a stepper thing here so I suppose I really ought to get it out and use that more.

Going to go and make myself a nice lunch now, I’m ravenous! I’ve got a bit of smoked salmon so I’m going to be healthy and make a cous cous salad with that.