Well, some change! 

R let us know yesterday that she’s signed a contract on a flat with a friend and will be moving out in early December. While it has been nice in some ways to have her here it will be a bit of relief to us to have our house back.

It’s been nice to have a bit of adult company in the daytimes (though R is usually in her room playing computer games) and the possibility of a live in baby sitter has been good (though we’ve only used that once – I think we need to use it again before she goes!). However we do things differently, and I’ve recently had to say that if she’s not showered by 10 she’ll have to wait until the dishwasher and washing machine finish (she was quite accepting of thaat though). She’s been here for 2 months though so it’ll definitely be slightly strange without her for a little bit.

She’s still not got a job, though has signed with a couple of recruitment agencies this week (and been offered temp jobs through them). Her parents are lending her the money for the 6 months rent that needs paying up front (as she has no job). She’s still waiting to hear about the interview she had on Friday and has a meeting in a school for a maternity cover this Thursday. Hopefully one of those will give her something.

Aside from that, things are plodding on here. Mr H applied for the job in Scotland last night (a surprisingly easy and concise online form) and tonight we’re going to look at the other promising agency. The munchkin is being fabulous. Her latest new phrase is me too (not certain where she’s got that from) and she’s definitely her father’s daughter….she can name all the Simpsons family…especially Homer! She’s giving us lots of grins and happiness, just what we need.