We did go up to see L, T and my baby nephew, J, yesterday.  And he’s absolutely gorgeous (though still so tiny, he’s only just got back to his birth weight of 5lb12). The munchkin loved cuddles and kissing him (gives me hope for when we eventualy have #2).

The Munchkin cuddling her baby cousin

It wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I thought to see them and while I did have brief thoughts that I should have a baby too it really was ok. I know that having a baby or being pregnant now would make the redundancy and job hunt even more stressful than it already is. I do think that I may have persuaded Mr H to try again once we’re settled in a new house (and job). I don’t know whether seeing this helped:

Broody Auntie Hannah! 

🙂 He did like seeing me cuddling a baby again (and I’m now more broody than ever, though being practical about it this time).

The job hunt is going ok. He’s appled for 6 jobs in various parts of the country over the weekend and we’re going to apply for the job in Scotland this evening. We’ve taken the decision that we’ll sell this house (there really are no jobs near here) and then rent for a while until we work out what’s happening with the housing market and what the job’s like.

A final one of Baby J in his lovely Silver Cross pram (an old heritage style one  – I think it’s a Kensington – bought in a charity shop for £25!)

Baby J

Beccy – just seen your comment as I’m typing this – hope you like the pictures!