That’s how things are feeling in the H household.

Mr H has finished sorting his CV (and eventually fitting it on 2 sides of A4) so we can start to apply for jobs this weekend. R has decided to rent a house with a friend from church and look for any job in that area (while still keeping her eyes on more specialised roles). The munchkin is back to her normal self after a bug earlier in the week. Things are definitely a bit more relaxed.

The only downside is my own stupidity (or lack of co-ordination!). I ended up in the local NHS walk in centre last night after banging my knee rather hard into a corner of the desk (I leapt up to look at Mr H’s new 2 page CV). Thankfully it’s just bruised, but it was rather painful last night. It’s eased a bit this morning, though the more I use it (not surprisingly) the more it hurts. Despite this the munchkin and I are going to go out to toddler group this afternoon as she hasn’t seen her little friends all week (due to her bug). It’s only a 2 minute walk away and I know that my friend will help keep an eye on the munchkin should I just need to sit down for a bit.

Another thing that’s making me feel better is that Mr H has said that we will go up to my sister’s on Sunday to see my baby nephew. I can’t wait to see him (and will try to post a picture when I get back). It’ll help me to see my family at the moment and I think Mr H won’t refuse a cuddle either!