Just need a quick scream! AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!

 Right then, feel a little better. Give up reading now unless you want to hear me whinge.

To the people (person!) who cannot understand why we are worried and looking for a job as soon as possible and telling us not to worry, have you tried being made redundant when you have a child and a large mortgage (that is going to go up by 40% in February, but that you can’t change because of the redundancy)? No, you left your job through choice without another to go to, you have no child, you have no mortgage, you have friends that take you in and charge you minimal rent that doesn’t even cover the costs you incur to them, you have other friends and family that will take you in (possibly even rent free) and you have a decent amount of savings (so much that you had to send a cheque to your parents for them to put money in their account before you could apply for benefits). Stop dismissing the stress and anxiety we’re experiencing and if you’re so worried about getting a job yourself, which you don’t seem to be judging by how little you look for jobs and how fussy you’re being about the location of a job in the field you want to get into (in which there aren’t huge numbers of jobs anyway), then be proactive. It would be nice to feel supported and encouraged rather than put down and made to feel like my thoughts and feelings are not valid whenever we talk about it.

 I do feel a bit better for writing this, if I don’t say things here, I may say things I might regret face to face…..