Just a quick check in again. I’ve spent all morning searching for jobs for Mr H, there’s so little in this area at the moment, part of why we bought a  house here was the ‘job security’. Should Mr H lose his job we thought that in this area we would find another relatively easily, but apparently not!

I have come up with a new line of attack though (Mr H hasn’t confirmed he likes this idea yet though…). Mr H’s masters degree project was quite specialised and I’m looking at companies within that remit (not something we’ve thought of before). A couple are recruiting and others will take CVs anytime and occasionally fit people in anyway so there may be something there.

It is quite hard to job hunt for him when I don’t entirely understand what he does, and I certainly don’t understand many of the acronyms on the industry websites! I’m having to guess a fair bit.

Anyway, must go, the munchkin has woken grumpy from her nap and I need to sort her lunch. Bye!