Just a quick one from me today. We’ve struggled all weekend so I need to get housework etc back on track today, Just to add to the problems Mr H has a throat infection so is coughing through the night keeping me awake….just what I need! His sickness record isn’t great anyway so we’re desperately trying to keep him in work as long as possible, he’s taken vast quantities of strepsils to work today to try and help him. Anyway, I’m shattered as a result and that wasn’t helped by the munchkin waking me at 6:20 because she’d dropped her Upsy Daisy out of her cot, I know that some people have little ones that frequently get them up at this time, but the munchkin is usually happy in her cot until 7:30 or later, I think it’s due to her having (possibly) Mr H’s bug, she had a temperature of 39.9 (104) last night!

Mr H spent most of the weekend working on his CV stuff, he’s got a lot of information to go through before he can work out what he needs on there and what’s not relevant. He’s getting there, hopefully by the weekend he’ll be in a position to apply for new jobs.

My little nephew is home! They’re all very tired (not surprisingly) but he’d doing well. Thanks for all the prayers/thoughts last week. My sister posted some photos on her Facebook account, and he’s gorgeous. Mr H’s job search depending, we’re going to go and see them on Sunday.

Right, going to go and try and get the house tidy again and then try and get some rest when the munchkin naps. Bye!