As promised a post with pictures for the munchkin’s birthday.

Two (and a bit!) years ago this was the munchkin:

In hospital

Approximately an hour old fast asleep in the delivery room after cuddles with me and Mr H.

Fast forward 2 years and this was the munchkin on Tuesday (please ignore my straggly wet hair!):

Present time

OK, so she has the wrong idea about presents, apparently they’re for clambering over when she wants to play with balloons, but hey, she’ll learn! In fact, she had a very good idea come her party in the afternoon….she made the other mums smile by her attempts to destroy the wrapping paper and get at whatever was inside.

Blowing out her candles 

This was the munchkin’s cake. I decided there was no point making her a fancy iced creation when she’d be happier (and less hyper!) with a chocolate and banana cake, so that’s what I did. She loved trying to blow th candles out, though her attempts involved jutting her lower jaw out and blowing her fringe up (so funny), but again, she’ll learn. The reasons the candles are not central was this was the second attempt at the photos….we took some at her party but partly due to having the wrong settings on the camera (Mr H changed them the night before and I didn’t notice) and partly toddlers everywhere and another mum using the camera (she’s not used to an slr) the first pictures didn’t come out well, so there’s actually 1/4 of the cake missing at the back. (Ok, so my grammar in that sentence was horrendous, but my brain’s fried at the moment and I can’t figure it out without lots of effort).

I could write a long list of what the munchkin has done when, but most of it has been written on here somewhere or other. So I’m just going to mention this week’s new word, NO! First shouted to her little friend when he was pulling her around (he doesn’t know how to ask her to play with him so just grabs handfuls of her clothes and drags her around) at the mums and toddlers fitness class that’s just started near here. The first time I heard it was when I asked her if she wanted any lunch when she woke at 1:30pm from a nap….hmmm….I decided she didn’t mean that so asked her if she wanted a banana (her current favourite) to which the response was ‘nana’. I think she has a little to learn there too. It was definitely something that made Mr H smile onWednesday when smiles were scarce.

 A final shot to leave you with, the munchkin on the beach at Eastbourne during our holiday a few weeks ago.

On the beach