Mum and I were talking on Monday about how this year really cannot get much worse for our family…..well it just has.

Mr H discovered yesterday that he will almost certainly be made redundant from the end of January. We knew from reading BBC news online that there were going to be job losses in his company but we thought his group would be fairly safe. Even on Tuesday when he heard that 80 out of 400 in his department would go we thought it would be some from each team and that Mr H should be safe (though we weren’t taking it for granted). In a meeting yesterday Mr H and his colleagues were told that their whole team (30 of them) is being axed. Because so many are being made redundant there’ll be a 90 day consultaion period starting from Tuesday’s meeting, but he’s almost certainly not going to be saved. There’s a tiny chance that another part of the company will take him, but Mr H’s boss will also try and get there too and there’ll be only one (if that) job.

Most of Mr H’s colleagues are a grade up from him (either they’ve been there for years or have Phds) so have 3 month notice periods to work out, however he only has a month (if the promotion he’d been put up for had come through in time he’d be on 3 months too) so come the end of the 90 days that’s it. He’ll get a lump sum, but that’ll only just cover our costs if we need to move for a new job.

We sat and had a look last night and there are some jobs, but not near here. There is one near Mr H’s sister in Scotland, it’s a very long way from my family, but one place we’ve always said we’d consider if a job came up. It’s with another company in a similar field to his current company and a lot of them are making cuts at the moment, but this one is still recruiting while Mr H’s company has a recruitment freeze on most departments.

We had a lot of tears yesterday as our plans crumble (thank you R for taking the munchkin for a walk so we could take when Mr H came home), but we just have to pick ourselves up and look forward. It’s not going to be easy, I’m only just feeling like I’m settled here and starting to get myself involved with church and getting a good set of friends. We’re kind of hoping that there’ll be a job near here, though we haven’t seen many. I suspect we’ll end up moving. Thanks to inheritance from my Grandad we do have a reasonable amount of capital in the house and one option is for Mr H to set himself up as a consultant using this capital (plus there should be enough for us to live for a bit over a year as well without me working), I’m not sure I like this plan, I don’t think the uncertainty will do either of us much good at the moment.

We’ve got a lot of thinking to do and job hunting for him, baby #2 is definitely on hold for now, we need to have Mr H settled in a job before we can consider it again. I will do a short post for the munchkin’s birthdaym at some point but for today I just can’t concentrate on it.