November 2007

Another quick post here today. I’ve mainly spent the morning cuddling a snotty little munchkin (I think she’s just teething – again – or at least I hope so!), this afternoon, while the munchkin naps…., I need to pack our clothes for the weekend and sort out the presents and cards I need to take north.

In response to the commenters yesterday…I am hoping to get some rest while I’m at my parents, but I know that it’s all going to be rather non stop until at least Sunday afternoon. I’m due to arrive with my parents at about 1:30pm tomorrow (depending on the joys of rail travel here!), Mum and I need to do some shopping in the afternoon, then in the evening I need to wrap presents (there’s no point doing it before I travel with everything).

Saturday morning will be taken up with helping Mum at the church Christmas fair (and entertaining the munchkin….or stopping her trashing the other stalls), I’m going out for lunch with some of my old school friends before we have a wander around the old mill which is now an art gallery and restaurant with some (rather expensive) shops as well. In the evening the munchkin and I are going out for a girly sleepover/Christmas party with the school friends (we’re seeing some of the twice as one can’t come in the evening). The munchkin will have the spare room (and hopefully sleep fine) while we girls have the living room floor. Mum was going to baby sit the munchkin but she’s singing in an advent carol service in the morning and it’ll be too early to either pick me up or drop the munchkin off with us without waking everyone/getting lost trying to find my friend’s flat. We’re having the party this early in December because one of the girls is going out to Austrailia for Christmas with her boyfriend (lucky girl!), she’s hoping to meet up with another one of our group who emigrated to Melbourne last month.

On Sundays Mum and Dad always go out for lunch so the munchkin and I will join them for that before hopefully relaxing and not doing much for the rest of the day. The only thing planned on Monday is meeting another ‘old’ friend for coffee in the afternoon. Then on Tuesday morning my sister is going up (with my gorgeous nephew too of course) and we’ll be able to spend a couple of hours with them before our train home in the early afternoon.

It’s never particularly restful at Mum and Dad’s, especially now with Dad’s dementia, but Mum has said she’ll try and give me a lie in (she hears the munchkin from downstairs as soon as she wakes) on Monday and possibly Tuesday which would be bliss! I never sleep brilliantly when apart from Mr H at least for the first couple of nights, it’s so strange (and cold!) being in bed on my own, but maybe since I’m there for 4 nights I’ll be ok by Monday!

Anyway, I’ve got loads to do so I’m going to go. Hope you all have a good weekend.


Just a quick bullet pointed post from me here, had a busy start to the week, though I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much.

  • What was supposedly a quiet weekend got busier…
  • While doing the supermarket shop on Saturday we found a very good offer on a new TV
  • But it was out of stock
  • We spent much of the rest of Saturday online with Mr H trying to find the best deal on the best TV
  • Sunday morning was a rush after Mr H dropped a glass onto the kitchen tiles shortly before we planned to go to church
  • We almost didn’t go in the end but the munchin was desperate to see her little friend
  • We did a detour on the way home to have a look at TVs in the ‘flesh’
  • And stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch
  • We realised decent TVs are still too expensive with our current finances and decided to put TV hunting on hold until our one dies completely
  • I was singing in the worship band on Sunday night and ended up having the grand total of 2 hours at home before Mr H had to drive me back over to church
  • Monday morning was spent racing around town trying to buy my nephew’s Christmas present (trying to find something my sister approves of is not easy)
  • I couldn’t find a nice wooden trolley with bricks anywhere
  • I eventually found one online in the evening but for fraud reasons they wouldn’t let me have it delivered to anywhere other than the billing address for my first order from them
  • It was too late in the evening for me to call Mum and then order it with her details (since my sister is going to Mum and Dad’s for Christmas) so I saved the page until Tuesday
  • Tuesday morning called Mum and opened the webpage to find that the price had gone up overnight (it had been on offer – 1/3 off)
  • Grrrr
  • Quick rethink as that upped the price over what we planned to spend
  • Spent yesterday morning looking for an alternative online but they were all even more expensive
  • My sister rang at lunchtime (she’d been checking Mum’s email and found details of the company we were going to use so Mum had explained it to her)
  • She’d found a nice one a bit cheaper in her local supermarket, so she’s now bought that and we owe her the money.
  • In between all this I was having phone calls from Mr H who was on his way to a job interview 140 miles away.
  • He left himself 4 hours to get there – it should take just over 2 1/2 hours
  • 2 hours after he left home he called me, he was only 25 miles away from home and was wondering if I could find out what was holding him up!
  • M25 was awful thanks to a crash which by the time I looked into it had been moved to the hard shoulder so Mr H did get moving again.
  • He had to pull over for a toilet break, it took so long, but stressed/tired boy that he is he put his bluetooth headset into the pocket of his trousers – the pocket with a hole in.
  • So we now have to buy him a new headset, but since his phone is slowly dying too we’re going to try and buy him a phone which has one packaged with it.
  • He ended up arriving 45 minutes late for the interview, which turned out just to be some IQ tests, the proper interview will be another day.
  • They did give him lunch, but only because of the time he arrived (11:45), they weren’t planning on offering him any, they haven’t offered to refund his expenses either
  • Yesterday afternoon was just spent catching up on the washing, not usually a massively difficult job except for the fact the munchkin changed the settings on the washing machine just as it was finishing so I had to start it all again!
  • We took advantage of the onsite baby sitter last night and went out for dinner, Mr H just needed a break
  • We went to the Pizza Express in the next town
  • They’d reopened last night after 3 weeks closed for refurbishing
  • They were giving out free champagne
  • Mr H was driving so I got his glass 🙂
  • It was lovely to be out together, properly relaxing.
  • It may be the last time we can use R as she moves out in less than a fortnight and the munchkin and I are going to my parents for a long weekend on Friday
  • We did get a little bit of good news in the post yesterday.
  • Mr H has inherited some money from his uncle (who died in September)
  • It may mean we do buy a TV after all as there’s enough for that and to put away some for a rainy day
  • The munchkin and I were out at our fitness class again this morning
  • Hula hooping is getting easier, but the tricks we’re supposed to be learning require rather a lot of coordination….I’m not too good at most of them!
  • The munchkin hasn’t slept yet today, she refused to nap yesterday and has just refused to settle while I’ve been writing this.
  • I hope she’s not weaning herself off naps…..I need the me time!

Anyway, I haven’t even managed to keep up with bloglines this week. I’m going to try and read a few blogs (and possibly comment…you never know) this afternoon, if the munchkin will let me.

I found this on Roz‘s blog while I was browsing the other ornament exchange participant’s blogs (it’s 4:30pm here and I only got the munchkin to sleep an hour ago, she’s teething – again! – and was so tired but fighting it like anything).

Not quite sure what it means by purist though…

Young upstart I guess comes from me not having much know how about blogging, I’ve only just got to know bloglines, despite having this blog for getting on for 2 years.

I’m fairly undiscovered, I think, though I imagine this blog about my life is rather boring, so I’m not surprised really!

Earlier in the month Julie started organising a Christmas ornament exchange. I was very slow about doing it, but I signed up on Wednesday (the deadline day!) and this morning I picked up an email from her telling me who to send my ornament to.

I’ve never done one of these before, I’ve seen other exchanges and wondered about joining in, but always come up with some excuse or other, but this time I though why not bite the bullet and go for it! I’m now thinking very carefully about what to send my partner.

If you go over to Julie’s blog you can see a list of who’s participating, I’m just off to browse the list and find some new blogs to read 🙂

Well, Mr H’s interview yesterday didn’t go too well. They were looking for a more academic engineer than Mr H (he’s very practical and hands on). We weren’t expecting too much from this interview anyway as it was for a principal role, and Mr H is still very young and rather inexperienced for something like it. He has been offered another interview in Somerset on Tuesday (which sadly again seems to be a fairly academic role) but it’s a face to face interview which even if he isn’t offered anything will be good experience for the jobs he’s more suited to (hopefully the job he’s being interviewed for next Thursday).

On a slightly separate note…maybe we need to look for jobs for Mr H in France!

You Belong in Paris

You enjoy all that life has to offer, and you can appreciate the fine tastes and sites of Paris.You’re the perfect person to wander the streets of Paris aimlessly, enjoying architecture and a crepe.

What European City Do You Belong In?

I love Paris, and keep trying to hint to Mr H that he needs to take me back there one day!

I’ve just typed up, and then deleted, a long post about things I’ve learnt about myself lately. I wasn’t pleasnt reading for me. I seem to be getting obsessive about silly things and unnecessarily grouchy when people do certain things.

I’ve never been good when plans change, I always need to know what’s happening when, but when things change around the house or get put back in different places normally I’d be fine. I don’t know whether it’s just having someone else in my house that’s doing it to me, or that I’m just stressed and ridiculously tired thanks to Mr H’s job situation that’s exacerbating it, or just something else entirely.

Maybe things will change from next week. R has got herself a temping job starting on Monday working 9-4:15, it will be nice to have the house back to myself in the daytimes. Mr H has also started getting interviews. He has one over the telephone this afternoon (in about an hour!) for a job back in the city where we started married life (and somewhere we’d love to go back to at some point) and another next Thursday in a town about 20 miles away from here. Both jobs would be commutable from here in the short term, but for the sake of Mr H spending any time with the munchkin aside from weekends we would move when the right house came up.

I’m hoping Mr H will let me have a lie in at the weekend. I’ve been getting up almost every other night lately for the munchkin, either she’s cold because she’s kicked off her covers, she’s dropped her cuddly giraffe or last night’s treat, she’s done a poo and got sore from it. I’ve been trying to let Mr H get as much rest as he can, but I think if I don’t get some soon I’ll struggle even more with looking after him. I’m also hoping that R will baby sit again in the next week or so, so that we can have a night out and try to relax together, I think that’s something that would help us both.

The main thing that would help though would be Mr H’s company finally handing out the official redundancy notices rather than faffing around and delaying it due to other departments in the company where only some staff are under threat being awkward, for Mr H’s team who are all going they just want to know. Once we have that we know where we stand, and what money we have when which will definitely make things a bit less uncertain.

That’s what the munchkin is giving us lots of at the moment.

Whether it’s her comments or new phrases or or just something she does, she’s been making us smile a lot, and it’s just what we need right now.

She’s saying ‘me too’ and ‘oh no’ a lot (not at times when they’re appropriate, but it’s funny any way). She’s also started recognising some shapes and shouting at us until we confirm what’s she’s trying to say. She’s getting good at shaking her head and saying no when we offer her something she doesn’t want.

We’ve definitely needed these smiles. There’s still no news on Mr H’s job front, one recruitemtn agency seems to be working really hard but we’ve had no feedback from any actual companies yet. R’s still here (which makes it hard at times for me to post much) but she’ll be gone in about 3 weeks. I am looking forward to having my house back in time for Christmas. Speaking if which, I’m already feeling quite Christmassy (and we didn’t even get any snow here last night). I can’t wait for it to be December so I can put the tree and lights up.

Anyway, I’m going to go now, R’s moving around upstairs and will probably be down soon (she hadn’t emerged when the munchkin and I left for toddler group at 10, and was in the bath at 11:45 when we got back, I haven’t actually seen her today, and it’s 12:4o now!). I also need some lunch while the munchkin naps. Take care everyone. Bye!

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