I haven’t got much news other than he weighed in at 5lb12oz, so not as small as Mum implied to me (tiny to me would be about 5lb4oz or less, my nephew weighs 1/2lb more than I did when I was born). He was still in special care last night, but doing ok. My sister may be discharged today (but I’m not sure about that, I only heard it from Dad and he’s been very confused over the weekend – so much so I was asked not to call him until Mum was home).

I know it’s not much of an update, I didn’t get back from church until just after 9 last night and when I called Mum she was already asleep in bed (she’d had to leave my sister to look after Dad). I’ll know more later today and update then. Thanks for the thoughts/prayers.



Dad was wrong, my sister is doing better and has had her drips and drains removed but definitely won’t be out yet. The good news this morning is that my nephew is out of special care and back with my sister. He’s not interested in feeding but my sister is managing to express for him and they’re dribbling little bits in to him when they can.

Much better news, we dont’ know when they’ll be out as they’re both on high doses of antibiotics but it’s great he’s with her now.