My sister’s waters broke on Friday morning, she was induced yesterday and early this morning was diagnosed with a big infection. My nephew was born by emergency caesarian at about 9am (I think). He wasn’t breathing initially, but is now coping on his own, but he’s in special care as it seems he has caught the infection from my sister. Mum said he’s also tiny (he was measuring large when he was having scans for his brain a couple of months ago, so something has happened there, he was born at 37.5 weeks), but I haven’t got an exact weight.

Mum said that my sister is doing ok, relieved that he’s been born and isn’t as bad as he could be, but is still very worried. I imagine that she’s barely seen him because of the caesarian.

My Dad’s also not coping too well with Mum being down at my sister’s and having friends popping in to check on him, he’s getting quite confused.

If you can spare any thoughts/prayers for everyone I’d be really grateful. I’ll update later when I get any more news.