I was a little worried about my friend coming to stay this week (she basically invited herself) and after a couple of weeks of us being poorly and trying to get back into a routine I thought that it’s be hard work, but it was great. I last saw her at our mini college reunion in the spring and it was great to see her again. We didn’t exactly do much but just relaxed and for her it was a change of scene (what I think she needed after a busy term at school). I cooked us a full roast dinner on Tuesday which was yummy (except the vast quantity of washing up a roast leaves behind) and Wednesday was spent pottering around the house and then shopping in the afternoon. She left yesterday morning for her train back up to the distant north (she’s almost a Geordie 🙂 ).

Yesterday was a lovely day. It was Mr H’s birthday and hence we had a cooked breakfast before he went to work (nicely timed also to set my friend up for her journey home) and cake later in the day (which was why we had to go shopping on Wednesday as he wanted a chocolate caterpillar cake – he’s 26!!! – made by M&S bu they didn’t have any in stock). We also had a visit by the health visitor. The mucnhkin is doing incrediably well for her age in everything except her speech, but that’s near enough that she’s not worried at the moment. Her vocabulary is increasing (exponentially at the moment) and she’s starting to string words together. The health visitor was very impressed by the munchkin’s builing skills, she got out a little pile of bricks expecting her to make a tower of 4, the munchkin used all 7 and then looked for more 🙂 I’m not sure how she does it but she’s very good at making stable towers, maybe she’ll be an engineer like her father!

A definite benefit of having R staying with us is that we have a babysitter on hand (not that we used her before last night). Mr H and I went out for dinner and then on to the cinema as a spur of the moment extra (dinner wasn’t great – Wetherspoons, get your food descriptions accurate and have the currys in stock on curry night! Neither of us could have our first choice of curry, and mine was no way a mild curry, I supposed it serves us right for not going to a proper curry house but we’re skint!). We saw Ratatouille, and it was fantastic. One of the best films I’ve seen in ages (ok, so I haven’t been to the cinema for at least 2 1/2 years, but we’ve bought DVDs in that time), almost, though not quite, on a par with Shrek. We loved it. Definitely one I’d recommend (ok, you get the idea!)

We’ve got a reasonably busy weekend ahead (Mr H helping with recabling the church PA tomorrow, then church morning and evening – I’ve been offered a lift and achance to sing in the worship band in the evening, something I’ve wanted to do for ages), but we have got the house to ourselves as R is away for the weekend at a wedding. It’s nice to be just the three of us for a bit. I still haven’t set up bloglines, hopefully by Monday……