Well, after the weekend when I had hoped to have a good go at getting the bloglines set up I am exactly where I was on Friday….. i.e. nowhere! We got back from our morning trip to Sainsbury’s (nightmare as they’re redeveloping the store, everything has moved and it’s got sections closed off so seems more crowded than ever), Mr H sat down at the computer to sort his emails and it turned itself off! Cue 3 hours of him working out what was wrong before we had to go and buy a new power supply and pray that that was all that had blown (he was saying there was a chance that when the power supply went it could have taken absolutely everything else with it!). Thankfully once he’d installed the new power supply everything worked fine (but a good thing about marrying a techie geek, he could sort it himself without calling anyone out 🙂 ), but he then decided to update and install the new virus software we have so that was the end of computer use for the day (it took until 11pm for the computer to finish scanning itself and it’s a good thing that Mr H did that as the new software found a couple of viruses in some of our junkmail – we’re fairly careful about not opening blatant junk so we were ok from them – but it’s a pain). When we eventually got back from church yesterday (Mr H was on PA so we had to be there early and we didn’t leave until after 12:30) Mr H took over the computer to look at the upgrades the church system needs (he was sat there until 6:30 and I started getting the munchkin ready for bed – he’d been oblivious to everything going on around him, but that’s a whole other story!). After then it was time for our dinner and some unwind time before bed.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to look at it today either. The munchkin has molars on the move so is grouchy and clingy (she normally naps 1-3pm, I’ve just had to put her down now 11:30 as she’s so tired and down) and there’s some housework type stuff that I really ought to do as we have one of my college friends coming to stay tomorrow as she wants to get away briefly for half term. Maybe I’ll get it done by this time next week….

The latest news from my sister is that her labour has stopped (thank you doctor on Friday who told her baby would have been born by the end of the weekend), no signs as yet of it starting again. We all thinking (and hoping for her sake as she’s getting very sore and fed up) that my nephew will be born within the next week though.