I had a productive housework day yesterday but didn’t manage to read a single blog! So I still have half my blogroll to catch up on.

I’m going to take Jeni‘s suggestion from yesterday’s comments and have another look at bloglines. I have used it before, but gave up on it when I moved to wordpress (can’t really rememberwhy  I stopped though now). I’m also going to have to have a heavy duty cull of my blogroll as when I sit and try to catch up it’s just taking too long and taking over.

On another note, I’ve just had a call from Mum to say that my sister is in early labour (about 1cm dilated), contracting every 15-20 minutes, and that her doctor says that my nephew should be born within the next 2 days! I’m quite excited, though a little down as well as the baby I lost in the spring would have been due a couple of days ago, we haven’t even started trying again as Mr H says he’s now not ready for a second baby and won’t give me any indication of when he might be (he said in August that we’d be able to try again in October, but he’s back tracked that now).