…thinking she has too many blogs on her blogroll! (and is blatently pinching the blog title idea from Emma and Alissa – and Facebook)

It took every spare minute yesterday just to visit half the blogs on the sidebar and try to read some of the posts you lovely people wrote while I was away. I think I’m going to have to cut it down, or at least work out some way of keeping it under control. I keep adding things that look interesting but I very rarely take anything off, I may have to start though. Hmmm…

On a separate note we all seem to be getting better over here, I’m still permanently surrounded by tissues (I know, probably TMI) but I’m not as woozy now, the munchkin is perkier and Mr H is coping with work. We all just need some sleep now, we have nothing planned at the weekend (except church, Mr H is PA-ing for the morning service so we’re going to be there very early and quite late) so hopefully we’ll get some rest then.

I’ve got another list of jobs to do today so I’m going to go and make a start (and have some breakfast – I’m a bit behind today). Bye!