That return lasted a long time… R picked up a cold/fluey thing at a wedding a week and a half ago and has been passing it round the house. The munchkin was out of sorts on Friday and treated us to a gift of being sick at 11pm all over her cot that night. She was then grumpy and hoarse all weekend. Mr H came down with it on Sunday and by the evening was feeling wiped out and nauseous (he was actually sick on Monday morning and has started his working week today as a result). I started to feel rough on Monday, just a bit wiped out, thankfully I’ve avoided the nausea, and since then I just been tired and full of catarrh (tiredness not helped by the munchkin being sick again in the middle of Monday night). R took me to Sainsbury’s yesterday, possibly not my best plan (though we needed fruit and veg – and Day Nurse), it left me feeling worse than ever. My head’s clearer today (hence being able to type this) but I’m still tired. It may take me slightly longer to get around everyone’s blogs.

Another update from my time away was my recall to the dermatologist for the patch tests. While the latex was negative I tested positive for chrome and rosin (colophony/pine resin). Both of which are found in glues and adhesives and umpteen other everyday things. Two weeks after the test I’m still sore where the chrome patch was. I’m glad that we found what I’m reacting to, though it’d be nice not to be sensitive at all. The doctor told me that Mr H must do all DIY type stuff involving glues (such a hardship!) and I need to try and avoid them.

Much as I’m still feeling rough today I’ve got a list of things I need to get done (including read blogs) so I’m going to sign off for now and hopefully post again tomorrow. Bye!