Firstly, thank you to everyone who left me a comment after my last post. Secondly, sorry to anyone who’s been popping back to see if I’ve returned. You’ve probably all given up on me now, but hopefully I’ll be here for a while this time.

I’ve really missed blogging at times, it’s been a great way to get my thoughts straight in the past, but now that the munchkin’s God-mother has moved in with us I’ve had to be careful as she’d definitely recognise herself if she saw some of what I’d have typed. I’m just going to be very careful to type when she’s not in (or is holed up in her room).

It’s actually going ok with R staying here. We’re not treading on each other’s toes too much, she spends a lot of time in her room either applying for jobs, watching movies or using the internet. The only problem is with the munchkin. R constantly interfers if I’m telling the munchkin off about something or asking her to do something. Mr H and I are very careful not to undermine one another, but even if R’s in the next room she’ll sometimes call through. I can’t quite work out how to solve that one. Mr H didn’t know what I was talking about with it until last night when I was asking the munchkin to put her books away before bed and R kept butting in and repeating me. I’m going to have to say something at some point, but I don’t know what or how to say it.

Mr H and I are fine now, he was a bit of a prat, but we’ve moved past it. He took me (and the munchkin) away to Eastbourne for the weekend a fortnight ago and the time away and fresh air really helped us both. We did very little apart from sit on the sea front, a little bit of shopping, and eat Harry Ramsden’s fish and chips (yum!). He still suffers occasionally as a result of his post concussion syndrome and as we’ve been tired/busy lately some of the old symptoms have reared their heads (indecision, grumpiness, short temperedness). We’ve not got too much on over the next few weeks (assuming my sister doesn’t give birth) so hopefully we’ll get some more rest.

I’ll update more either over the weekend or next week, for now I’m going to say hello on a few of your blogs (I’m sorry, I’ve not even managed to look at those lately even). Take care.