You Are A Chocolate Ice Cream Girl

Dramatic. Powerful. Flirty.

What Flavor Ice Cream Girl Are You?

The hope now is that I’ll be able to have some ice cream this weekend 🙂 (I’m not sure I’d describe myself as dramatic or powerful though I know I can be flirty when I want to 😉 )

The weather forecast is improving which fantastic since we haven’t been able to fabseal (? – that’s what Mr H calls the waterproofing stuff) the tent yet. We have a little 3 man tent, but we wouldn’t be able to put the munchkin’s travel cot in there so she’s be in our bed. Our 6 man tent is huge with two bedrooms and a big porch, big enough to cook in and (once it’s treated) comfortably shelter/eat/play games etc in when it’s raining.

I’m supposed to be working out what we need to pack and buy in the supermarket but I’m rather addicted to the Scrabulous application on Facebook…I’ve got 4 games on the go at the moment! If you’re on Facebook and fancy playing scrabble with me let me know in comments (with your name or some menas of me finding you on there!).