Hello! It’s been so long since I didn’t a proper series of posts rather than the odd one here and there in between going away…and it’s not going to get much better for the next couple of weeks.

The munchkin and I got back from Wiltshire on Friday afternoon. It was a good week away; though I didn’t find it particularly relaxing Dad was a lot better there, smoking and drinking less than before. I think I’ve mentioned before that L (my sister) and I do not get on well, and while we can cope with 48 hours in each other’s company it gets harder after then. I was biting my tongue by the end of the week. She was trying to tell me how to bring up the munchkin (she’s happy, healthy and a bright little button – get off my case – the fact she still finger feeds much of the time isn’t a problem!), critisising me for having biscuits/cake at afternoon tea (yes I’m on a diet, but I’m on holiday – and if you can’t cope with people digging at you for eating for two – Mum not me – then don’t have a go at others) and insisting that we go where she wants to on the only sunny day that the munchkin and I were there for. Argh! Then yesterday she called asking that I post the collapsible travel cot we have promised to lend her to her now (baby’s not due until middle of November!), she didn’t like me saying that I’d dig it out later and make sure it got to her before she might need it. I had to hang up on her, which I felt bad about doing so I texted to say that I’d take it with me when I do to Mum and Dad’s at the end of next week (not quite sure how that’ll work – I’m going by train, via the London Underground with the munchkin, her pushchair and a rather large rucksack of our stuff…).

I’m getting a bit distracted there….sorry. I think I just needed to vent 🙂

It’s good to be back home with Mr H, I do miss him a lot when I’m away and in the last fortnight I’ve only seen him at weekends. We’re together now until I go north on the 31st (Mum’s got a singing weekend and I’m looking after/feeding Dad while she’s not in, she’s only going to the day on Saturday but it’ll be an early start and late finish). We’ve booked our first family holiday since the Scotland trip (May) as well…we’re going camping in the Cambridgeshire Fens near Ely this weekend. I’m hoping the weather perks up, it’s been grey and drizzly so far today.

I made it to my weigh in last night (it’s been three weeks since I was last there), I managed to speak to the leader who is happy with me missing weeks if I need to be with Mum and Dad. Technically I only get 6 weeks of ‘holiday’ a year and beyond that I have to pay for weeks I miss, but as there are no convenient groups at Mum and Dad’s I can’t make it if I go up, she’s said that as long as I let her know she won’t worry about it. Amazingly I lost 2 1/2 lbs over the last three weeks, I’m quite chuffed, though I’m still heavier than I was a couple of months ago…I’m getting there though. I’ve got the weight tracker on then tab at the top of here and if I don’t get to class or can’t stay after weigh in I’m hoping that the tracker will be a bit of accountability for me.

There’ll be no Fun Monday from me for the next two week as I’m not here then, but I’m hoping that the lovely Chris keeps updating her ‘who’s hosting next’ bit and I’ll find you all once I’m back 🙂

I’m going to go now and try and get some of the housework back under control, hopefully I’ll manage to read a few blogs this week and I’ll try and say hello to a few of you. Bye!