Hello! Sorry I’ve not been to say hello to anyone recently and not looked at most of the Fun Monday posts.

I had a friend call me on Tuesday asking if she could come and stay for a couple of days to give her husband some space to get his act together, so she came on Wednesday.

Then on Wednesday afternoon Mum’s handbag was stolen from her dining room table in a distraction burglary (she was kept talking on the front step while someone went in the back door). Cue her having to organise changing locks on the house and cars as well as cancelling cards and mobile phone. I’ve been the family internet access getting numbers for this that and the other.

Mum went to stay at her mum’s yesterday (a planned trip) but was called home at midnight by the police after Dad was robbed of his wallet at knife point in their house. We assume it is the same gang. Dad remembers 3/4 men with at least one knife. They also went into Mum’s room and stole an old family ring she was given by her dad. Mum had left the door locked when she went to my gran’s but Dad unlocked it to let one of the cats out and the gang just walked in. I’m not sure what made them leave, but thankfully Dad wasn’t hurt just left very confused.

I’ve only spoken to Mum briefly this morning, she’s been too busy with the police, I got most of this from my Gran (I called her house for a chit chat with Mum). I’m hoping to go up to Yorkshire at some point this weekend if Mum’s happy with that, possibly this afternoon. Fun Monday may or may not happen on Monday.



The police spent several hours at my parents this morning. They think they know who is responsible (at least one of the gang) due to his boasting in a pub, they’re also going to install cameras trained on the front and back doors in case the burglars return. I’m not going up at the moment, my sister and her husband are on their way (they’re nearer and haven’t got a little one just yet). I may still go up next week, but we’ll see how Mum (and Dad) are.