August 2007

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I’ve just seen this in Deb’s Melon Patch and thought I’d have a go too.

ISFJs are traditional, loyal, quiet and kind. They are very sensitive to other people’s needs because they are very observant. They have rich inner thoughts and emotions. They value stability and cultural norms. They are very adept at giving attention to detail. They do not seek positions of authority.


A bullet pointed post for today as I want to peruse my blog roll as well as needing to pack to go to my parent’s tomorrow (until Thursday).

  • Camping was very hit and miss
  • The site manager didn’t check names as people turned up
  • The boss didn’t always record bookings in the diary
  • Because we arrived relatively late we were left without a pitch and were left with a small space by the front gate
  • Under a light sensitive flood light
  • Despite being listed in the diary
  • Site manager was sweet once he’d got over his anger at his boss for putting him in this position
  • The munchkin refused to settle to sleep the first night
  • She screamed so much she was sick all over her travel cot
  • She ended up sleeping in our bed, we slept very little
  • She left like a log in her own cot the second night
  • We had a lovely day in Cambridge shopping for a rucksack for me for this coming weekend
  • We got sunburnt as I forgot the sunscreen and my hat (thankfully the munchkin was ok, I’d remembered her hat and Mr H’s hat)
  • We had a lovely lunch with a friend from the church we went to there
  • She’s lost 5 1/2 stone (77 lbs) since January and looks great
  • I’m feeling a tiny bit more inspired with my diet
  • We also spent £70 on Sabatier knives and a knife block in TK Maxx (rrp £230!)
  • They’re fab, but we’re skint anyway
  • The munchkin loved the ducks on the river in Ely (where we went on Sunday), she was pulling herself as close to the fence as possible (she was in her pushchair) so she could see them better.
  • She said wack, wack (quack, quack) a lot and used the hand movement to go with it
  • She’s gone a little bit duck mad at the moment
  • I had to go and see the dermatologist yesterday
  • I think I’m confusing the doctors a bit
  • The doctor who spoke to me first had to get the consultant himself to talk to me
  • Even though the prick test for latex was negative he’s running blood tests and wants to tape a latex glove to my back to 48 hours
  • That’ll be fun…..not
  • Within an hour I was itchy from the tape put on my arm where the blood was taken
  • The biggest problem is not the latex reaction (though that makes buying certain things a hell of a lot more expensive….), but my reaction to adhesives (even hypoallergenic ones)
  • 48 hours with tape on my back could be awful (though I’m trying not to think like that
  • The consultant also looked at my face (I think around my eyes) and the lines on my hand and said that I’m someone who’s prone to allergies (?!? – has anyone else heard of this?)
  • He looked at the munchkin and said that she will be too
  • Thanks… I don’t worry enough about her at times
  • He did say that despite my allergies and Mr H’s asthma we should be ok to try the munchkin with peanuts now
  • We have a huge amount of sorting to go in the house over the next couple of weeks
  • The munchkin’s God-mother R is coming to stay here for a while
  • She’s left her job (fantastic)
  • She’s not got one to go to (not good)
  • She won’t be able to afford the rent on her place in a month or so
  • So to enable her to stay near here where her  church and many friends are we have offered her our spare room
  • Which is full of junk
  • The bed is covered with paperwork for filing
  • Oh dear
  • Mr H is going to take a couple of days off work to get it sorted
  • R may have to sleep on the living room floor for a couple of nights
  • But the tidying is going to have to wait
  • I need to spend today packing my rucksack, sorting washing and dishwasher and browsing some of my blogroll (for my sanity)
  • Tidying begins in earnest next week

Well, that was a flying visit though my week, until next week (hopefully!), goodbye!

You Are A Chocolate Ice Cream Girl

Dramatic. Powerful. Flirty.

What Flavor Ice Cream Girl Are You?

The hope now is that I’ll be able to have some ice cream this weekend 🙂 (I’m not sure I’d describe myself as dramatic or powerful though I know I can be flirty when I want to 😉 )

The weather forecast is improving which fantastic since we haven’t been able to fabseal (? – that’s what Mr H calls the waterproofing stuff) the tent yet. We have a little 3 man tent, but we wouldn’t be able to put the munchkin’s travel cot in there so she’s be in our bed. Our 6 man tent is huge with two bedrooms and a big porch, big enough to cook in and (once it’s treated) comfortably shelter/eat/play games etc in when it’s raining.

I’m supposed to be working out what we need to pack and buy in the supermarket but I’m rather addicted to the Scrabulous application on Facebook…I’ve got 4 games on the go at the moment! If you’re on Facebook and fancy playing scrabble with me let me know in comments (with your name or some menas of me finding you on there!).

Hello! It’s been so long since I didn’t a proper series of posts rather than the odd one here and there in between going away…and it’s not going to get much better for the next couple of weeks.

The munchkin and I got back from Wiltshire on Friday afternoon. It was a good week away; though I didn’t find it particularly relaxing Dad was a lot better there, smoking and drinking less than before. I think I’ve mentioned before that L (my sister) and I do not get on well, and while we can cope with 48 hours in each other’s company it gets harder after then. I was biting my tongue by the end of the week. She was trying to tell me how to bring up the munchkin (she’s happy, healthy and a bright little button – get off my case – the fact she still finger feeds much of the time isn’t a problem!), critisising me for having biscuits/cake at afternoon tea (yes I’m on a diet, but I’m on holiday – and if you can’t cope with people digging at you for eating for two – Mum not me – then don’t have a go at others) and insisting that we go where she wants to on the only sunny day that the munchkin and I were there for. Argh! Then yesterday she called asking that I post the collapsible travel cot we have promised to lend her to her now (baby’s not due until middle of November!), she didn’t like me saying that I’d dig it out later and make sure it got to her before she might need it. I had to hang up on her, which I felt bad about doing so I texted to say that I’d take it with me when I do to Mum and Dad’s at the end of next week (not quite sure how that’ll work – I’m going by train, via the London Underground with the munchkin, her pushchair and a rather large rucksack of our stuff…).

I’m getting a bit distracted there….sorry. I think I just needed to vent 🙂

It’s good to be back home with Mr H, I do miss him a lot when I’m away and in the last fortnight I’ve only seen him at weekends. We’re together now until I go north on the 31st (Mum’s got a singing weekend and I’m looking after/feeding Dad while she’s not in, she’s only going to the day on Saturday but it’ll be an early start and late finish). We’ve booked our first family holiday since the Scotland trip (May) as well…we’re going camping in the Cambridgeshire Fens near Ely this weekend. I’m hoping the weather perks up, it’s been grey and drizzly so far today.

I made it to my weigh in last night (it’s been three weeks since I was last there), I managed to speak to the leader who is happy with me missing weeks if I need to be with Mum and Dad. Technically I only get 6 weeks of ‘holiday’ a year and beyond that I have to pay for weeks I miss, but as there are no convenient groups at Mum and Dad’s I can’t make it if I go up, she’s said that as long as I let her know she won’t worry about it. Amazingly I lost 2 1/2 lbs over the last three weeks, I’m quite chuffed, though I’m still heavier than I was a couple of months ago…I’m getting there though. I’ve got the weight tracker on then tab at the top of here and if I don’t get to class or can’t stay after weigh in I’m hoping that the tracker will be a bit of accountability for me.

There’ll be no Fun Monday from me for the next two week as I’m not here then, but I’m hoping that the lovely Chris keeps updating her ‘who’s hosting next’ bit and I’ll find you all once I’m back 🙂

I’m going to go now and try and get some of the housework back under control, hopefully I’ll manage to read a few blogs this week and I’ll try and say hello to a few of you. Bye!

I got back from my parents last night. The police have caught one of the scum that took Dad’s wallet from him and took Mum’s handbag and he’s admitted taking them, but is denying being involved in other thefts in the area that the police are sure he’s involved in. His fingerprints were found in Mum’s bedroom and in Dad’s bedroom which is why he admitted taking those. He’s making nasty allegations to try and explain why his finger prints were found upstairs, but he doesn’t know that my uncle was also at my parent’s when the handbag was taken and will testify that he didn’t go upstairs that day. He’s been remanded into custody (probably a good thing as the police said he tried to escape at court so probably would have tried to jump bail) which makes my Mum feel a little safer. The police have paid for lots of new locks on all their external doors and installed a camera in the hallway (only going to be there for 2 months or so) which is helping, but Mum’s still lost all her security, they’ve lived in that house for 29 years and hadn’t had a single problem until this.

Dad’s dementia is definitely worsening, he’s getting more confused. His driving is not good, Mum has got to contact the DVLA and his insurance company soon. I suspect he won’t be allowed to drive any more when she does so. He’s drinking more and smoking in the region on 60 cigarettes a day so Mum’s also worrying about how they’re going to afford that too. She’s had fantastic support from friends at their church, one couple have even lent Mum £500 to tide them over until the bank start being more co-operative. Dad may not be given any more bank cards, the bank are refusing at the moment as they’re saying Dad must have told the thieves the PINs, though he says he didn’t (I suspect he can’t remember or must have blanked it out, the thief says he found the PINs in some of Dad’s paper work in the living room – they definitely weren’t there).

We’re all (except Mr H who’s working) going to my gran’s in Wiltshire on Monday for a family holiday. Mum and Dad, L (with large bump) and T, Nana and the munchkin and I….I think there’ll be a rather full house! Mum’s going to be sleeping on the dining room floor so that the munchkin and I can have one spare room, L and T the double spare and Dad the third spare room (my gran has a huge house for just her). I’m hoping the time away will be a chance for us all to relax, especially Mum and Dad, though I suspect there’ll be several phone calls from the police sorting this, that and the other out while they’re there.

I’m back home next Friday, though I’m in London for a pamper day/photoshoot thing on Saturday (I won it after filling in something while I was in town shopping one day, I’m taking the munchkin’s God-mother V with me, the cheapest photo costs £50 so I probably won’t get any, I’ll put them up if I do) so I won’t be able to post then. Thank you to everyone who’s left a comment, it means a lot to me that people I don’t know any off line are thinking of us. I’ll try and come by and say hello once I’m back from my gran’s.

I’m heading up to my parents tomorrow so you won’t see a Fun Monday from me (not that I wear an apron if I can help it…).

Mum’s coping, trying to be strong – I’m not allowed to give her too many hugs. Dad’s not coping so well. Mum thinks he’s already forgetten the theft of her handbag, but he definitely hasn’t forgotten the night time one. He’s not eating much at all, drinking more again and smoking more. He’s also avoiding going out. I’m try an post a brief post while I’m there but otherwise I should be back home by the weekend.

Take care everyone.

Hello! Sorry I’ve not been to say hello to anyone recently and not looked at most of the Fun Monday posts.

I had a friend call me on Tuesday asking if she could come and stay for a couple of days to give her husband some space to get his act together, so she came on Wednesday.

Then on Wednesday afternoon Mum’s handbag was stolen from her dining room table in a distraction burglary (she was kept talking on the front step while someone went in the back door). Cue her having to organise changing locks on the house and cars as well as cancelling cards and mobile phone. I’ve been the family internet access getting numbers for this that and the other.

Mum went to stay at her mum’s yesterday (a planned trip) but was called home at midnight by the police after Dad was robbed of his wallet at knife point in their house. We assume it is the same gang. Dad remembers 3/4 men with at least one knife. They also went into Mum’s room and stole an old family ring she was given by her dad. Mum had left the door locked when she went to my gran’s but Dad unlocked it to let one of the cats out and the gang just walked in. I’m not sure what made them leave, but thankfully Dad wasn’t hurt just left very confused.

I’ve only spoken to Mum briefly this morning, she’s been too busy with the police, I got most of this from my Gran (I called her house for a chit chat with Mum). I’m hoping to go up to Yorkshire at some point this weekend if Mum’s happy with that, possibly this afternoon. Fun Monday may or may not happen on Monday.



The police spent several hours at my parents this morning. They think they know who is responsible (at least one of the gang) due to his boasting in a pub, they’re also going to install cameras trained on the front and back doors in case the burglars return. I’m not going up at the moment, my sister and her husband are on their way (they’re nearer and haven’t got a little one just yet). I may still go up next week, but we’ll see how Mum (and Dad) are.