Fun Monday

Willowtree is hosting today’s Fun Monday (as usual pop along and see who else is taking part today). His challenge is:

 “Tell us about your best friend. Particularly things like: where you first met, how long you’ve been friends and why you think you are best friends”

Well I have three people I count as my best friends so I’m going to talk about all three, in no particular order, as I know at least one of them lurks on here 🙂

I’ve known R1 since we started secondary school in 1994. We both joined the school choir and Christian union and started talking. She was my first friend at that school. We were on opposite halves of the year so never had lessons together but we met up several lunchtimes a week and at the two clubs. As we moved through school our friendship groups partially merged and by sixth form we were really good friends. We’re very similar people, we have the same opinions on most things and a similar upbringing. We have the same  sense of humour. R1 is someone I can talk to about anything. She’s the first person I told outside the family when I was pregnant and again she’s been the first person I told about the miscarriage. She’s spent the last year over in the US teaching in an elementary school and I’ve missed her so much, it’s been a lot harder to talk to her with the time difference and I missed our chats. She’s back over here for the summer at the moment and came down to stay with us at the weekend. It was just as easy as it has ever been. We know what the other is worried about and, usually, what to do to help them. She’s a wonderful, caring person who one day would be such a fantastic mother, the problem being that there is no other half on the horizon for her, she’s got a tendancy to really fall for someone who won’t reciprocate those feelings and I really hope she can find someone who loves her as much as she loves them. She did find it hard here at the weekend at times as she’s quite jealous of me (happily married with a ‘gorgeous’ daughter – her words), I just wish her the happiness I’ve got, and I’m sure that one day she’ll have it too.

I first met R2 at a Christian youth venture where we were both volunteering as leaders in 1998. I’d chosen that venture as the main leaders were my youth leaders at church, whereas R2 had gone to the venture previously as a pathfinder. We initally knew each other as junior leaders together and kept in touch a little that year, when we returned the yaer after we knew each other better and kept more in touch as we went to uni (R2 in London and me in Cambridge). Initially it was our shared faith that brought us together but as time went on we have more in common and share other beliefs and opinions. R2 is someone I can go to about anything, particularly if I want to talk about anything to do with God and religion. She’s one of the munchkin’s God-parents and was one of the first people we considered for that. We share a love of good food and wine and as R2 lives close to us she comes over for dinner at least once a month.

My third best friend is V. We met at university through mutual friends at the end of our first year in 2000. Our friends all moved out into a shared house for second year and V and I really got to know each other by being next-door neighbours in halls. I am sure that without V’s friendship and encouragement I wouldn’t have completed my degree as I was fairly lonely in college, though I had some good friends at church. V was baptised during our years in Cambridge and asked me to be her sponsor (God-parent for grown-ups 🙂 ), she is now another of the munchkin’s God-parents. We had very different wasys of working at college. V always got everything thoroughly completed well before the deadline and usually produced essays so long that they had to be cut down, whereas I left my essays until the last minute and often struggled to hit the lower boundary of the wod limit (I did juggle page margins several times to make the essays look longer than they were), unsurprisingly she left college with a higher graded degree than I did. She is someone I can call at the drop of a hat and just listen and offer any advice she can. She and her husband married the week before we did and delayed their honeymoon so that they could come to our wedding too. We’ve supported each other through various health problems (on both sides) and I know that if I need anything I just need to ask and V will do all she can to help, and I’d do the same for her.

Mr H is also, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a best friend of mine. But I think regular readers have heard enough about him at times!