Good morning! Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Tiggerlane. Her assignment for us is:

I wanna see your CAR! It can be your current car, the first car you ever had, maybe your first new car with that new-car smell, a car you wrecked once, or even the dream car you would drive – given all the money in the world! Oh – and if you have a truck, SUV, lawnmower, whatever the local authorities allow you to drive, let’s see it! 

After a busy weekend, the one chance I had to take a photo of our car was dashed by a sudden thunder storm so again it’ll be a photo-less Fun Monday from me 🙂

I don’t drive so all the cars I talk about will actually be Mr H’s cars (though the last two were both bought with my inheritance from my Grandad).

When we first married Mr H had a little Peugeot 106, it was an L reg, so 1993/4. It was bought for the express purpose of getting Mr H to his summer placement job which was 30 miles away from his accommodation in Cambridge. It was a fantastic little car, I have fond memories of driving through the Welsh lanes in it. It met it’s death on the M1 on a rainy December night in 2003. The traffic in front suddenly braked and when Mr H tried to follow suit he viscoplaned into the back of the car in front. Unfortunately we were driving my Gran up to see my parents in Yorkshire at the time and her breastbone was broken in the accident.  She spent Christmas being closely watched in a hospital in Derbyshire as the break was very close to her heart. It looks from this like Mr H was driving far to close to the car in front, but he wasn’t, I’m quite an anxious passenger on motorways (having been a passenger in two other accidents on the M1) and I wasn’t at all worried about how he was drving, believe me I let him know when I’m not happy! I firmly believe the water on the motorway was the cause of the accident. Sadly the police didn’t agree and made Mr H pay to go on a driving skills course. Thankfully now that accident no longer has an effect on Mr H’s insurance costs.

We then bought my sister’s car from her as she wanted to buy a Smart car, so we had a 1996 Ford Fiesta (Mark IV model). It was a lovely dark blue colour (almost verging on purple). It wasn’t a great car, the engine was crappy, but it was cheap, which was what we needed at the time. It seemed to attract scratches whenever we parked it outside our flat in Cambridge or in supermarket car parks. We knew exactly who the culprit near the flat was (it was very easy to match the scrathes to marks on the little white van that raced into the parking area at speed and didn’t look where they were going when reversing) sadly we never saw them actually doing it to our car. We had this car until September 2005. It was also written off in an accident. This time Mr H was drving around a notorious junction when either a tyre burst or he skidded on oil, burst a tyre on the pavement and then slid sideways into the oncoming traffic. The police who attended immediately said that there would be no action taken as he junction was so unsafe anyway (the junction has since been completely redesigned). This happened on a Friday and on the following Tuesday Dad was driving down to us with a ‘new’ car for us (with the munchkin due 4 weeks later we couldn’t be without a car for long).

Our ‘new’ and current car is a Ford Mondeo Mark III (2001). It is huge compared to our previous cars but is fantastic for putting all our stuff in when we go on holiday. It is weirdly exactly the same colour as the Fiesta was. We’ve had a couple of probelsm with it, the exhaust fell off at Christmas when we were staying near my parents, I had some snowy walks from where we were staying up and down the hill to my parent’s house before the car was fixed. It was fun trying to stay upright in the ice and push the pram at the same time 🙂 We’ve also had a problem with the suspension, someone nudged it when it was parked and damaged trhe suspension. As Mr H was driving it to the garage to be fixed one of the broken parts moved and burst a tyre. Thankfully he was going fairly slowly and was close to the garage, at least he wasn’t driving along the A10 or A414 to or from work as that may have been a big problem as some people drive those roads very quickly.

It looks from this as though Mr H is a bad driver, but I really don’t think he is (and I’m not just saying that because I’m married to him) out of all the drivers I regularly am a passenger with I feel safest with him. One day (when we can afford it) he wants to do the advanced driving course and he uses what techniques he already knows from that now.

Well, that’s my photo-free Fun Monday. Go along to see Tiggerlane and see who else is taking part.