Mr H got back safely at 7:45 yesterday morning, the munchkin wasn’t even awake so it was lovely for her to have her Daddy get her up. He had a good time, but is very tired now. He couldn’t find a present for me (apparently!) so came back with a pen, some Empire State Building mints and some chocolate for the munchkin (which had melted as it was so hot over there), he did buy me some flowers when we went shopping yesterday though.

I’ve got a busy couple of days ahead. One of my best friends is just back from the US and comes down tomorrow for a couple of days, I’ve got so much to do to get the house straight before she gets here, I got a bit behind while Mr H was away.

I haven’t had two minutes to even glance at anyone else’s blogs all week, it’ll probably be next week now before I come by to say hello to anyone. Take care everyone. Bye!