Well, I’m more than half way through my time without Mr H now, and how am I coping?

I’m actually quite impressed at myself. Apart from freaking out slightly (well, maybe a little more than slightly) in the middle of last night at the noises the house made as it cooled down after a hot sunny day I’m quite proud of myself. I’ve kept on top of my usual hosue jobs as well as trying to get the munchkin into a routine of putting her toys away before we take her up to bed (works ok…when I remember to get her to help me 🙂 ). I’ve been a bit lonely, but had a lovely day yesterday at R and P’s. The munchkin loved playing in their garden (note to self: buy her a sand pit table) and slept surprisingly well in their travel cot in the afternoon (a good 1 3/4 hour nap). We did leave R and P slightly jealous of how well she sleeps as their daughters, especially the younger one, tend to wake early and not nap particularly well, their day started at 5:45 on Sunday, by 7:30 P and the girls were playing in the garden having been up and breakfasted for a while.

Today was basically a normal Monday, albeit without me having to make Mr H’s packed lunch before fitting in my own breakfast. I was a little naughty and treated us to a McDonald’s for lunch, I’ve been really good and not had one for 3 months, whihc is something of a record for me. The munchkin even ate her chicken nuggets willingly, which, for a girl who usually refuses all forms of protein except fish fingers and bolognaise was quite a turn up for the books. I’ve felt a bit lonely this evening but I’ve had a chat with Mum on the phone and an MSN conversation with one of my best friends. I’ve read more of my book and fitted in some trashy TV (I’m getting into Britains Next Top Model, it’s not something I’ve watched before but the bitchyness is addictive and so funny at times).

Mr H’s flight is due in at Heathrow at 6:25am on Wednesday, so I’ve only got tomorrow to get through and then he should be back here by about 9am. Tomorrow another local friend, L, is going to take the munchkin and I to the local pet’s corner which I’ve never been to before, I know vaguely where it is, but I’ve not actually attempted to go before even though I think the munchkin will love seeing all the animals (not that I know what animals they have there!). If that is where we’re going (and I’m 99% sure we are) then I’ll make sure I take some pictures of the munchkin’s reactions.

I’m absolutely shattered now, so I’m going to sign off and go to my bed. Thanks to everyone who left a comment for me. Bye!