I finally managed to get hold of R last night. She’s going to pick the munchkin and I up before church tomorrow and then take us back to their house for lunch afterwards. Their younger daughter is only 2 weeks older than the munchkin and has just moved into a bed so they’ll have a cot available for the munchkin to nap in as well. She’ll drop the munchkin and I back her in the late afternoon after naps and a walk. I was dreading being alone tomorrow so much and now I don’t have to worry. Thanks R!

Mr H left at 10:30, he almost forgot to give us a hug goodbye! I think he’s looking forward to it, though his boss (who’s also going out) has rather higher standards on restaurants etc so I think he’d wondering a bit about what they’re going to do, but at least work will be paying for almost everything. I had to get Mr H to pack another smart shirt as the restaurant in the hotel has a smart dress code and Mr H mentioned that his boss definitely wanted to eat there at least one night.

They’ve got a free day in New York tomorrow and have booked tickets to go up the Empire State building, hence Mr H has squeezed his DSLR camera into his hand luggage so he can take some pictures 🙂 (he’s had the camera a year and already taken 3800 photos!). I’m hoping he’s going to bring me some sort of present back….I’ve always wanted to go to New York and am rather jealous that he’ll be there without me.

Thanks for the messages Beccy and SM, I can do it, and know others are sure I can helps too.