Following on from the cocktails incident, we now have another one.

It appears that Zach isn’t the only little one eating things he shouldn’t…

I had to call NHS Direct the other night after the munchkin managed to get my waxing strips down from the shelf and then open the packet. I went back into the living room after popping out to make a cuppa to find her with wax all over her face, hands and legs and even her nappy and trying to eat the wax off a strip! She’d managed to get the strips out of the wrapper and then peel them apart.

I can’t drive so I couldn’t take her to A&E, it was too late to call the local doctor’s surgery (5:55pm) so I had to call NHS Direct. They were very good at putting me through to a nurse quickly who then called the National Poisons Unit (I think that’s what she called it) after getting me to read out the list in ingredients from the box.

Thankfully they decided that we didn’t need to take the munchkin up at A&E but that we’d just need to watch her carefully over night and only give her a little milk at bed time. We were also asked to keep an eye on the inside of the munchkins mouth…easier said than done when she won’t let us look in her mouth, even when we’re doing her teeth it’s hard to get a proper look. It was a struggle to wake the munchkin when we went to bed, but we did eventually and she went back to sleep fine, she did wake us at 4am and took about half an hour to settle back to sleep though.

I’m now constantly looking ound the house as I go through the day moving things onto higher and higher shelves. I really thought the wax strips were out of her reach, but I’m having to re-think…she’s growing upwards very quickly at the moment (though she’s a real skinny minny, she seems to have inherited Mr H’s body type rather than mine…). But I guess that’s a part of parenthood, always trying to work out how to stop her doing things we don’t want her to do 🙂


In the comments Sam asked whether it was easy to get the wax off, thankfully it was. I discovered when I last tried waxing my legs that baby wipes are surprisingly good at getting the wax off (or at least the Pampers sensitive ones are 🙂 ) and they worked well for the munchkin.